Blood Embers NOW AVAILABLE!!

The second book in the Blood Magic Series is now available in paperback and ebook!

In the aftermath of her escape from Bloodfall Arena, Aya flees to safety in the north. But King Klaeon, enraged by her flight, marshals powers no one has ever seen before. His invincible army conquers the south lands, including Aya’s homeland. Aya realizes she must stop him before he kills her family and leaves a barren plain in his barbarous wake.

Aya sets out with her friends to find the magic she needs. But first they must pass through treacherous caves, fight terrifying creatures, and elude Klaeon’s men. Aya hopes to enlist the help of the Seers, who reportedly possess the ability to see all things in all times. She hears stories of a fabled city on the cliff that might hold the power she needs as she prepares for the dark war that now seems inevitable.

Can Aya and her friends resist the fearsome onslaught of Klaeon? Can they command the mystical forces needed to stop his terrible wrath?

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