There is no fair
in the Arena.

ABOUT J. A. Ludwig

The road to publication has been a long, twisty, windy, curvaceous road for J. A. Ludwig. From her first dabble in Middle School all the way to signing her contract with Babylon Books, J. A. has been writing stories of all shapes, sizes, and genres.

With her first book now living out in the real world and not only in her brain, she’s been able to give her black kitten more attention…until the second book is ready.


Book 1 of the Blood Magic Series
Bloodfall Arena

Aya Flandeen’s rare gift has always set her apart from the rest of her village. Though she yearns to venture into the outside world, she didn’t expect her journey to start with a brutal slave-trader’s raid. Revealing her powers to save the townsfolk, Aya’s heroism ends in disaster when she’s abducted and compelled to participate in a gladiatorial fight to the death.

Aya barely survives the brutal combat thanks to a surprising ally, a mysterious young man who also possesses a magical gift. But when a cruel king drops them both into a savage tournament, her only chance lies in teaming up with fellow captives to oppose the deadly beasts and assassins.

Can Aya lead a revolt and escape the violent contest?


What readers are saying about Bloodfall Arena:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Such an exciting, action packed story! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I am quite fond of the heroine! Can’t wait to read about her next adventure! I highly recommend this novel if you like fantasy action stories!

– G. Morales

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Such an exciting read from beginning to end! The story telling moves the action, the action moves the storytelling. And yet time is dedicated to the creation of a complete and engaging new world, and fully developed characters. The best books present as many questions as they answer, leaving us hungry for more… this is one of those! Cannot wait for book 2!

– S. Johnson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

J.A. Ludwig’s debut novel, and the first entry in an intended series, introduces a whole host of creatures, locations, and magical powers – Aya is stepping into a far more complex world than she was ever aware of – but the writing is crisp, brisk, and clear; touched with both drama and humor.

– N. Thurkettle

Blood Embers NOW AVAILABLE!!

The second book in the Blood Magic Series is now available in paperback and ebook! In the aftermath of her escape from Bloodfall Arena, Aya flees to safety in the north. But King Klaeon, enraged by her flight, marshals powers no one has ever seen before. His invincible army conquers the south lands, including Aya’s…

Book 2 Cover Reveal!!

The second book in my fantasy series Blood Magic is almost here! And I can now share the Cover!! I’m so excited to share this with you! Pre-order for the ebook is now live! Paperback info will be coming soon. Pre-order your copy here!

I’m on a PODCAST!!

I was given the opportunity to be interviewed by Bestselling Author William Bernhardt on his Red Sneaker Writers Podcast. The episode is now live and features news on the world of books and publishing (not just me). I’m very thankful to William for helping me on my journey to publishing my first book, Bloodfall Arena.…

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